Just like in a gym, we try to stimulate change with consistency.


Brain Development Center provides a brain training program. An innovative system that focuses on improving cognitive skills which are part of the day to day learning process which include attention and memory.

Our process focuses on a one-on-one brain training based on a personalized series of postural movements with the intention of leading to optimal learning as well as mental exercises that are made to challenge the brain.

Additionally, our program provides a wonderful interaction between our trainers and trainees due to the fun factor of the mental exercises and postural movements.

Yes, our program is fun, but it is also intensive. Three times a week, for 12 weeks, you will be working on the most important muscle in your body, the brain. Just like in a gym, we try to stimulate change with consistency.

Brain development is not a luxury.

Learning is an investment that builds and accrues interest over time.  We would like to think that learning and performance only occur in academic and professional settings. However, it occurs every single day by what we do or don’t do.

Does learning only occur during childhood? Of course not!  Our clientele ranges from preschool to adulthood.


Cognitive refers to knowing, so they are closely linked to the learning process

Short-term memory. It is the ability to remember what occurred in the short term, before becoming medium-term memory.

  • Aural or echoic. To remember what we hear, for example, the latest concepts we receive, the names of people who have just presented to us, a phone number, etc.
  • Non verbal
    • Reading and images. What we have just read or contemplate in symbols or images.
    • Corporal and environment. The gestures, movements that we saw in other people, events or details in the environment.

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