What is the difference between your program and tutoring?

Tutoring targets the acquisition of content like reading, math, science, and writing.  While brain training programs focus on cognitive skills like attention and memory.


My child’s school provides services to them, why should I contract yours?

Because schools offer participation in special groups that are not geared towards the resolution of the issues and they also offer tutoring. Our system is directly focused on resolving them and the improvement of the quality of life.


Why does a client need to attend per week?

Our program is based on the necessary frequency to obtain the expected results similar to when a person wants muscular development. Both require consistency and training.


Is this a class, and how many students will be present?

These are individual sessions where each client will be assigned a personal trainer. On occasion, we have two clients in the same room, but each will only work on his or her own.


Do you use biofeedback?

We do not.


What would I need in order to sign up for the program?

Just set up an appointment at (915) 831-9078.


Would I need to take my children out of their school to take them to your center?



What ages are the clients you help?

We see clients from 4 years to any adult age.