“He has better fluency while reading, he is retaining information, and his dyslexia is barely noticeable.” – AD

I want to tell you about our experience with our son.


He’s 10 years old and one year ago, we noticed that he had problems with his learning. He was diagnosed with light dyslexia, short term memory issues and attention deficit disorder (ADHD). He has also suffered from bullying. He had a 36-session treatment at Brain Development Center.


We have noticed that the treatment worked. He has better fluency while reading, he is retaining information, and his dyslexia is barely noticeable.


He’s an intelligent child, though he needs to develop his intelligence a little bit more. He shows confidence in himself.


Thank you Mr. Castañeda and Mrs. Barquera for your help. You are excellent people.


I recommend you a lot, telling people that you will be of wonderful help to their children, they will be in great hands.


Thank you Mr Castañeda and Mrs. Barquera. Thanks a lot!!




AD (translated from Spanish)


“… better attitude toward challenges and experiences…” – AD

In our experience, the sessions imparted to our 16-year-old daughter have contributed to a better attitude toward challenges and experiences that have helped her take on responsibilities and search for positive solutions.


Thank you Mr. Castañeda, to you and Mrs. Barquera for your fine attentions.


– HC (Translated from Spanish)

“I was able to achieve a bachelor’s degree with honors” – MA

I realized as a child that I struggled to understand mathematical symbols; I could never memorize the multiplication tables. I also struggled to organize numbers and understand the value of coins and bills. The most shameful thing was not understanding the clock (reason for much ridicule on the part of my classmates.) I sought help at the Brain Development Center because I knew I had a learning disorder … and a demoralizing challenge to continue university studies.


Years ago, while attending UTEP, having to remember which days had what subjects and their schedules was cause of great stress and anxiety. The concept of time and space, and also the abstract were a tangled notion that took a lot of time and effort to unravel. Even learning a dance was almost impossible for me because I needed to learn a sequence. During the 3 months of therapy at the Brain Development Center, I had remarkable improvements. I defeated being so “clueless” (that’s what they called me.) It really was not; it was dyscalculia that did not allow me to answer when taking a certain exam or remember the name of the professor even after a week and seeing him twice a week for a whole semester. It was in this last aspect that an amazing improvement was made thanks to the therapy.


The concept of time, numbers, sequences, and my memory have been clarified at the neuronal level. This has allowed me to function better in school and in my daily life. I have always had excellent qualifications and I was able to achieve a bachelor’s degree with honors; the difference is that. before, it took a phenomenal effort, too much time, and often tears of frustration. Now my effort is calm, time is reasonable and frustration is normal.


Thanks Brain Development Center … now I can even, and I enjoy dancing … and I remember well when it was the last time I did it.


– MA (Translated from Spanish)